środa, 25 stycznia 2012


I am really into bugs right now. I'd love to find some printed stuff with insects <3
It's kinda creepy. lolz

 I bought some plastic grasshoopers, ants, spiders, flies etc. so I can pin that everywhere.

What is more, I'd like to make spider top soon:

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

Hair inspirations: Louis XIV

My hair annoy me a lot and I'm kinda bored of them. I'd love to have hair like Louis XIV. Long, curly, dyed white. So beautiful! It will take ages to grow them! Ughh.


środa, 11 stycznia 2012


Hi! This look is inspired by Andre Judd, who is a fashion genius! I'm so happy that I found this vintage jacket, so I could combine similar look.

He looks just perfect! <3 

piątek, 6 stycznia 2012


Alice as Mary mother made by myself! Haha, maybe I'm immodest but I love it!
tee RA/ rucksack River Island/ hat Lonsdale
(Photos by: Kokijaze)


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