sobota, 24 marca 2012


I really like to look quite formal. Black & white is classic, gloves give a little bit of fierce and my hair = fun:D
+ Zbliża mi się setny post , powinienem coś zorganizować w związku z tym? Konkurs? Hahaha. Totalnie nie ogarniam takich rzeczy, ale może warto spróbować? Chcecie?:)))+

niedziela, 18 marca 2012

Crucify me for my failings,

My hair have the worst lenght now, so I wear this cap all the time. + Believe me, these crosses sparkle amazingly at night!
denim jacket, shoes RA/cap, tee H&M/ pants vintage

niedziela, 11 marca 2012

O tempora, o mores!

I'm blue and I'm bored. (See how long my hair are now and I can't cut them ;c) And I'm not teenager anymore! ;(

piątek, 2 marca 2012

Live Fast Dye Blond

The Blonds F/W 2012-13. It was the first collection, which includes designs specifically for men. And wow, this is super edgy! Motorcycles + glamour. Leather jackets encrusted with jewels and trimmed in fur. Let it sparkle!

 The women collection is super fierce as well. There's no place for polite girls. Bad girls do it better!

Uwielbiam gdy dużo się dzieje! M.I.A swagga byłaby zadowolona chyba;D


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